Welcome to the Everlesson website.

We are going to take you for an in-depth look at the Everlesson Membership platform (formerly Memberhub). This platform is already established as the leading membership platform that money can buy but the owners of this cloud based membership platform Chad Nicely and Karthic Ramani were still not happy with this powerhouse of a platform and are now ready to take this to the next level.

They have now completely revamped this platform and after extensive testing are ready to unleash it for general release on 24th of January. Not only that they are also renaming it to EVERLESSON  to be more in keeping with what this giant of a platform can and will do.


The platform has now evolved into a monster that is more than just an easy to use membership creator. It is now a platform for online educational, helping businesses with their on-boarding and training endeavors, a place to distribute courses and the list just goes on and on. Just think what you would like to see and do in a membership platform and you will more than likely find it here.

It has easy to follow videos, pdf’s, training, support, groups, and one of the most engaged members you will find in Facebook platform.

Membership sites have know evolved

Two years ago Chad and Karthic started to ask questions to people asking them what they would like to see in a membership site builder that others platforms didn’t have or what didn’t work very well. For a whole her they kept asking the same question just gathering all the information they could. After this time they then sat down and started building something that people wanted and could use easily use without a science degree and that was when memberhub was born.

After getting a workable platform they then recruited beta testers to use and give them feed back and find problems they then fixed. Once the platform was stable it was then released and sold to the general public with great response. Customers just could not believe what they were getting for their money and some even thought there was a catch to it some where along the line. They all found that there was no catch just a membership platform that worked as promised.

Chad also found himself after the release of the site that put his life in a completely different direction to what he was heading for to the advantage of all the customers of Memberhub.

He now does training himself in webinars and on Facebook live video streams for the Everlesson members formerly memberhub and this is why this powerhouse of a platform has now taken a different direct and purpose of what it first set out to be.

Why do I know all this information about Everlesson you might ask?

That is easy, because I am one of it’s long standing members and have seen and experience the change first hand. I can also tell you that you will have to go a very long way to find a marketer so down right honest, sincere, humble and grateful of a man it is nearly unbelievable. Don’t get the wrong impression thou because he is a very hard task master at the same time.

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